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Meet Our Author: E H Timms

My name is E H Timms and I live in the south west corner of the UK, in a tiny village near Swindon.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Sometimes I like to curl up in a nest of blankets with a plate of finger food and reread a familiar book even though I have a stack of new books staring resentfully at me.

Who’s your favorite superhero, dead or alive – and why?

I’ve never really connected with traditional superheroes. The closest I come is Discworld’s Sam Vimes. I think because he’s been down there in the worst of it, and still has the ability to stare the impossible task in the eye and step up to kick it somewhere really painful.

I’ve been playing a lot of Banished recently. It’s a city-builder game with a lifelike color scheme, but to me the really rare and precious bit of it is that it’s a city builder without war. It’s just you and the environment and no matter how tough a game you set it up for, you know you’re never going to have to deal with human malice.

Tell us about your short story in Queerly Loving

My story Birthday Landscapes” is about a disabled, aro, warrior-mage arriving home on leave in time to celebrate his twin children’s birthday with his family. It’s a companion piece to a story I wrote some time ago, and both stories spun off a novel I’m working on.

After winning the BBC Wildlife Young Poet of the Year award, E H Timms eventually went on to write full time. She now has a children’s novel and a poetry anthology published, as well as work in magazines, anthologies, and ezines from England to Australia. She lives in South West England with far too many books. E H is on Twitter at @birdinflyte.