Our Story

The Queer Pack story started in 2016, as a fun little side project. Since 2019, Queer Pack has become its own (still fun :)) entity, run by four people you can read more about here. Those people are us: Katja Ken, Gabby, Melanie, and Sam. Three Germans and the Aussie living in Spain who walked into a bar…no, wait, that’s a different story.

Queer Pack originally started with Katja Ken, Gabby, and Sam. Melanie officially joined us in 2021. Queer Pack is a passion project—we all have day jobs. Which is okay with all of us. This way Queer Pack will never have to compromise in order to make money. Instead, it will always be our queerest and most authentic work.

We are incredibly passionate about queer rep in the media, and that is, really, how the Queer Pack story began: a burning need to see more queer rep and more quality. With our combination of social media prowess, publishing background, and an utter love of a damn good story, we decided to go ahead and try to create the space we so wanted to see ourselves.

In 2022 we decided that we want to be more than a publisher. We want to become a larger collective of queer people working together to create queer art of any kind. Let’s see where this will lead us : )

Queer Pack Team visiting Lesvos in 2017
Queer Pack Team visiting Lesvos (2017)