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Reintegration by Eden S. French

 Author: Eden S. French  Publisher: Queer Pack  Published: 2017  ISBN: 978-3-95533-927-2  Pages: 388  Language: English  Dimension: 139,000 words  Buy via Amazon

Streetwise cyborg Lexi Vale brokers deals for gang lords in the anarchic city of Foundation. Her mind-reading implant gives her a crucial edge—but it also makes her brain a hot commodity. When she’s targeted by an augmented hunter, Lexi joins a group of rebels: a murderous vigilante, a daredevil smuggler, a drug-addled surgeon, and a revolutionary whose shared past with Lexi endangers them all.

A queer, dystopian sci-fi about piecing together purpose from the fragments of love and loss, even while the world itself is tearing apart.


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