What’s the Queer Pack story? It all started when two Germans and an Australian who lives in Spain walked into a bar…

No, not really. Well, kind of.

Welcome to the queer side of books!

Queer Pack Team in a Boat

Queer Pack Team in a Boat

The Queer Pack story started in 2016, when it was an imprint of Ylva Publishing. Since 2019, Queer Pack has become its own entity, run by three people you can read more about here. Those people are us: Katja Ken, Sam, and Gabby. The two Germans and the Aussie living in Spain who all walked into a bar…wait, that’s the joke again. While there are a lot of laughs in Queer Pack, what we do all take seriously is queer representation.

Katja Ken, Sam, and Gabby are incredibly passionate about queer rep in the media, and that is, really, how the Queer Pack story began: a burning need to see more queer rep. And with their combination of social media prowess, publishing background, and an utter love of a damn good story, they decided to go ahead and try to create the space they so wanted to see themselves.

An Inclusive Queer Pack Story

Queer Pack is the home to all. Being queer means so many things to so many people. Thus, QP is a space for everyone on the queer spectrum, especially those that don’t often have a platform, be they for characters who are trans, non-binary, genderfluid, asexual, aromantic, demisexual, pansexual, bisexual — the list goes on!

We are aware that being queer is a sensitive and complex topic, and we want everyone to feel welcome at our website, especially queer people. We welcome any feedback, criticism, and suggestions at any time. Please always feel free to e-mail us at contact@queer-pack.com with any concerns or ideas!