Queer Pack is Back With New Queer Books

Guess who’s back?

Back again?

Shady’s ba

Wait. Wrong announcement. And decade.

Almost wrong century? Wow we’re all old.

But no, really! Guess who’s back?

Queer Pack is back (try saying that ten times as fast as you can) and hopefully with some new queer books very soon!

Queer Pack Team in Madrid
Queer Pack Team in Madrid: Katja Ken, Sam, and Gabby (aka G Benson)

Queer Pack Went Away?

We did! But now, we are so, so excited to announce that Queer Pack is back after such a long hiatus. We’ve amicably split off from Ylva Publishing and will be our own functioning (well, that’s the plan) entity. So, watch this space, because some cool things will be happening! Especially queer books, because isn’t that why we’re all here, really?

If you’re not sure who we are, or want to learn more about how we’ve changed, you can read more about our team here.

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Meet our author: A.P. Raymond

I’m A.P. Raymond. Call me Alex. My pronouns are they/he I like both. I’m from the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts.

Chocolate, easily. But a good rich milk chocolate. Most American-produced milk chocolates are mediocre compared to the Canadian/international versions I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on.

Robin Hood has been my hero since I was seven years old. We had just gotten a VCR when I came down with the chicken pox (for the first of two times), and my mom borrowed a bunch of videotapes to keep me occupied while I was all itchy and spotty. I nearly wore out Disney’s animated Robin Hood.

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Meet our author: E H Timms

My name is E H Timms and I live in the south west corner of the UK, in a tiny village near Swindon.

Sometimes I like to curl up in a nest of blankets with a plate of finger food and reread a familiar book even though I have a stack of new books staring resentfully at me.

I’ve never really connected with traditional superheroes. The closest I come is Discworld’s Sam Vimes. I think because he’s been down there in the worst of it, and still has the ability to stare the impossible task in the eye and step up to kick it somewhere really painful.

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Meet our author: Carolyn Gage

Carolyn Gage and I live on a small island in Maine, in Southwest Harbor.

My favorite guilty pleasure is Playing hooky from work by going hiking.

I toured in a one-woman show about a lesbian Joan of Arc for twenty-two years, so I would have to say Joan is my favorite superhero, dead or alive .

Often my favorite book is the one I am currently reading… and right now that would be Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray.  It’s the biography of an amazing African American woman who identified as male in an era before transgendered identities were medically accepted. Against all odds, she persisted in a quest for racial justice and the truth about her identity. A friend of Eleanor Roosevelt’s and other movers and shakers in the early years of the civil rights movement, Pauli hitchhiked and rode the rails cross-country in 1937, passing as a male, with her white girlfriend. Mind. Blown.

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Meet our author: Evelyn Deshane

I’m Evelyn Deshane and I live in a small university town in Ontario, Canada.

Truthfully, I don’t like to associate guilt with pleasure. So instead I’ll just say that I really enjoy trashy true crime books and trashy crime shows, like Law & Order: SVU. I also may have a questionable interest in alien-abduction stories.

My favorite superhero, dead or alive – this is quite tough because I adore comic books and frequently change my mind about what superhero universe I love the most, so my favourite heroes are too many to count. Deadpool is my favorite superhero film among the many from which to choose. I enjoy comedic depictions of superheroes far more than the brooding kind (sorry almost all DC franchise films), and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the best for the gleefully boyish way he depicts him. I quote the film all the time with my partner, which is testament to how much the film impacted us both.

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