How ›Queer‹ Made It into Our Books and Our Publishing House

Why is the word “queer” being used in our books and publishing house?
Why is the word “queer” being used in our books and publishing house?

We all have questions. Or, at least, thoughts. Some themes that have come up are: Who are we? What do we want? What are we doing in this little corner of the internet/world we call Queer Pack? And, finally, why is the word “queer” being used?

Let’s start easy. We’re Katja Ken, Sam, and Gabby. You can read basic bios here. In a nutshell, put us in a blender (please don’t) and you’d get a mix of: enbies, lesbians, feminists, butch, bisexuals, trans, demies, and spoonies. You’d also get book worms, media junkies, cat lovers, beach lovers, sleep lovers, anarchists, and a many-a-dash of other things.

How does this relate to Queer Pack?

We are queers who are all in love with the idea of representation. We know, first hand, how important representation is and the difference it can make, not only to young people seeking answers, but adults. Not only to those being represented, but also to those who live within communities who aren’t exposed to something “other”—something not the norm, for them. Representation provides a reflection for people to see themselves, but also a window for others. This can help foster understanding and take away fear/misunderstanding of the unknown.

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Meet Our Author: Cameron Van Sant

My name is Cameron Van Sant and I live in Sacramento, California, which according to one Wikipedia page, is the sixth gayest city in America, and easily the gayest American city you’ve never heard of.

When I was a kid watching Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus was my butch ideal. I shipped her and Sailor Neptune long before I knew what shipping was. Since I later figured out I am a man, it cracks me up that my childhood hero worship was turned up to 11 for androgynous women like Sailor Uranus rather than male characters…

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Meet Our Author: Aila Boyd

My name is Aila Alvina Boyd and I live in a quaint town in Virginia in the U.S.

My absolute favourite television character is Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder. When I watched the show when it first premiered, I was immediately blown away by how determined she was. She always seems to go all in with whatever it is she’s doing and that really makes for an interesting character, in my opinion. The other thing that drew me in was the fact that she’s so complex. She’s like an onion: so many layers. Also, Viola Davis does a great job at playing the character.

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Meet Our Author: Pascal J. Ellen

Pascal ChillsI live in Offenbach, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

My pen name for this anthology is Pascal J. Ellen. I sometimes write things under my real name too, but this is my first fictional work so I thought I’d come up with a name especially for this.

Pascal is the name my mother always told me she would have named me if I was a boy. Oh well, what do parents know about the gender of their kids anyway, huh 😉

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Meet Our Author: Andrew L. Huerta

My name is Andrew L. Huerta and I live in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson is home to the DeGrazia Gallery of the Sun, which houses the extensive work of famous Southwest artist, Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia. Whenever I have some free time, I like to visit the gallery. In 2012 I completed my doctoral work in Education, and when I needed to get away from my research and writing, I would go and sit in the back room which is dedicated to DeGrazia’s paintings of the Bullfight. The quiet gallery and the brilliance of the paintings always rejuvenates me and helps me find some peace in my often hectic world.

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