Meet our author: Nyri A. Bakkalian

My name is Nyri Bakkalian—that’s “Nyri”, rhyming with “fiery.” The greater Pittsburgh area has been my adopted home for nearly a decade.

My favorite guilty pleasure: Coffee snobbery. Turkish-ground Nicaraguan or Yirgachefe with a pinch of cardamom, please.

This might fall outside the usual realm of superheroes, but I’d say favorite superhero is Master Chief John-117, from the Halo series. Inasmuch as he’s often simply seen as a genetically engineered super-soldier who can simply plow his way through anything, the man is complex and carries a great deal of pain and loss. Notions like home and family are also something he seems to grapple with throughout the Halo series’ long story arc. I suppose because of my own life, I find this especially relatable. You’d better believe that I cried at Cortana’s “Welcome home, John” line at the end of Halo 4!

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Meet Our Author: Teresa Theophano

I’m Teresa Theophano and I live in Brooklyn, New York.

My favorite guilty pleasure is Gourmet doughnuts! So many cities have shops specializing in these and I can’t get enough of them. I joke that doughnuts are my kryptonite.

Anyone standing up to fascism, past or present, is a superhero to me. We need them all. We always have.

I’m obsessed with the now-defunct TV show Parks and Recreation because it never fails to make me laugh, even when I’m feeling my worst. Plus Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope embodies a kind of enthusiastic nerdiness that reminds me pleasantly of my own.

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Meet Our Author: Kay C. Sulli

Howdy! I’m Kay C. Sulli and I currently live in southern California. However, I’m a bit of a rolling stone. I grew up and spent most of my life in Colorado in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, then gallivanted in Wyoming for about three years, briefly worked for the Mouse in Florida, and spent some time in some pretty iconic places of northern California.

I’m not sure it’s so much of a guilty pleasure, but I honestly just love sitting by lakes and rivers. I consider myself more of an artistic naturalist than an adventurer (like many of my colleagues and friends), so while they’re off climbing a mountain, I’m drinking wine out of a Nalgene water bottle (because I’m classy like that) and just watching the water ripples over the stone, reflecting the ever common fool’s gold.

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Meet Our Author: Shira Glassman

Queer Pack author Shira GlassmanI’m Shira Glassman and I live in north central Florida. Florida is a huge state and not all of it is coconut palms, crowded beaches, and theme parks. If you go far enough north, you get to sprawling oak trees with scraggly gray Spanish moss dripping from their branches, and just about an hour into that area is where I live. Gainesville is a university town full of progressives, hippies, and sports fans. I grew up in the coconut palm area, though.

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Meet Our Author: Sacha Lamb

Sacha Lamb, and I live in New England, USA. With occasional interludes in central Florida.

I try not to be guilty about taking pleasure in things, but some pleasures that nevertheless give me guilt once in a while are young adult fantasy novels about evil queens, and young adult contemporary novels about toxic friendships between ballerinas. (Eating disorders AND bullying? Even when they are not queer, they are relatable.)

I also have a large collection of stuffed animals (mostly lambs) but, honestly, I feel no guilt about that at all they are my friends and I love them.

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