Meet Our Author: Shira Glassman

Tell Us Something About Yourself I’m Shira Glassman and I live in north central Florida. Florida is a huge state and not all of it is coconut palms, crowded beaches, and theme parks. If you go far enough north, you get to sprawling oak trees with scraggly gray Spanish moss dripping from their branches, and… Continue reading Meet Our Author: Shira Glassman

Welcome Eden S. French

Ylva Publishing’s new imprint, Queer Pack, is delighted to announce the signing of Australian author Eden S. French. In 2017, Queer Pack will republish Eden’s riveting, world-building, sci-fi novel, Reintegration, which she first self-published late last year. Reintegration follows streetwise cyborg Lexi Vale, who negotiates deals with crime lords in an anarchic city. Giving her… Continue reading Welcome Eden S. French