Queer Pack Logo 2019, a asterisk with some of the queer/trans/genderqueer/ace flag colors

Because Queer Representation Matters!

The word queer can have different connotations. One is the umbrella term for LGBTQIA+, and another one is the defiance of heteronormativity and the gender binary. Both of these ideas have huge importance to us over here at Queer Pack.

Frustratingly, the publishing world (and, well, the world in general, but that’s another blog post entirely) is dominated by heteronormativity. Queer Pack is therefore a place for voices normally suppressed or ignored in queer spaces, including but not limited to: bi/pan, aro/ace individuals as well as trans, non-binary, intersex, and gender non-conforming people. We welcome stories about all kinds of relationships, be they monogamous, poly, or open. Our aim is to bring you these stories, celebrating their identities and experiences! Because queer representation is not only important, it’s necessary.

Queer Representation and What That Means

We would like to see characters from all backgrounds within our books, thus providing representation to, and for, everyone who makes up our world, rather than characters who just fit one certain mold. Not only do we want to provide a platform for queer minorities, we also wish to be inclusive of all minorities in our society. Our perception of queer is not solely cis, white, and Western. Rather than spending hours searching for that little piece of queer gold, now there is a place where all you will find is books with queer themes. We wish to provide a platform for queer voices, and a place in which people searching for a queer story know they can go to find it! We shouldn’t have to spend hours finding that one little piece of queer representation.

Queer Representation and Own Voice

Within Queer Pack, we feel it is really important to have a place for people who struggle to get their books out there. Own voice is very important to us. However, we do not wish to force anyone to come out or label something as own voice if they aren’t comfortable. This means whenever appropriate, we at Queer Pack will be using sensitivity readers, as not every author always identifies with the groups they are writing about. It’s important that the topics covered within Queer Pack are handled sensitively, without stigmas, stereotypes, negative tropes, and destructive ideas.

Thus, what we want to achieve with Queer Pack, is to provide a home, and a megaphone, to those queer people we feel really need it the most, as well as a place people know to go to find excellent queer stories! We want these stories heard, and we want queer representation for all.

Queer Pack aims to produce high-quality books with amazing storylines! And it will all be queer. Awesome.