Zoe Brook is a queer writer and stagehand living in the Pacific Northwest Seattle Orbit. They write novels and short stories in many genres, frequently involving queer romance, fantastical worlds, and sex positivity. They find great joy in comics, theater, and plants.

Find more of their work on their website zoebrook.com, or in Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s 2018 and 2019 Literary Anthologies. Follow them on Twitter @ZoeBrookWrites or Facebook @ZoeBrook.Writes.


Queers Who Don’t Quit (2020)

Queers Who Don’t Quit (2020)

$ 9.99eBook: $ 4.99

Queers Who Don't Quit is hitting the shelves as queers from across the spectrum stand up and square up in our newest collection of incrediblly queer and just plain incredible short stories!

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