Meet Our Author: Xan West

Tell Us Something About Yourself

I write under the name Xan West, and I live in Oakland, California.

I find pieces of myself in various characters, but rarely come close to seeing my whole self in a character. Which is one of the reasons I write what I do, to write folks like me into the story.

One thing I often do when I read, instead of thinking about what character is like me, is to think about which characters I might want to be friends with. I have always thought that I might be a good bosom friend for Anne Shirley (from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery). I thought we could have a lot of fun making up stories together. I also really wanted to be friends with Jess and Ruth from Stone Butch Blues. The end of that book feels so hopeful, and I wanted to be part of that kind of trans community.

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Meet Our Author: Eden S. French

Queer Pack author Eden S. French (2017)Tell Us Something About Yourself

It’s a messy situation. My first two novels were published as Sophia French, which is my legal name, and my third as Eden S. French, which is my preferred name. But I’ve recently gotten engaged to my girlfriend, the artist Wren Fay, and will be taking her name—so my future work will be published as Eden Sophia Fay. A publicist’s nightmare, I’m sure.

I live in Hobart. That’s a messy situation too, but only because we keep leaving our clothes on the floor.

Deadwood has always impressed me through its use of a troubled and lawless cast to articulate an ethos of kindness, community, and moral courage. But I wouldn’t single out any one of its characters: it’s an ensemble drama, and what resonates with me is the interplay of conflict and understanding. (Though I never fail to tear up for Joanie Stubbs.)

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Beyond Authenticity: When the Truth is Impossible to Express

“One does not always stay intact.”
—Judith Butler, Undoing Gender


I’m not quite sure who I am. That’s why I write fiction. I can fade into a story and express myself through multiple voices. It’s also why I’m an academic. There’s some comfort working in a web of scholarship, made intricate with theory, forever weaving and reinforcing.

Blogging like this, however, is hard. I need to find a voice without relying on the imaginative sorcery of fiction or the theoretical cunning of academia. I need to figure out how to speak as me.

Self is my least fluent language.

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Meet Our Author: A.P. Raymond

Tell Us Something About Yourself

I’m A.P. Raymond. Call me Alex. My pronouns are they/he I like both. I’m from the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts.

Chocolate, easily. But a good rich milk chocolate. Most American-produced milk chocolates are mediocre compared to the Canadian/international versions I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on.

Robin Hood has been my hero since I was seven years old. We had just gotten a VCR when I came down with the chicken pox (for the first of two times), and my mom borrowed a bunch of videotapes to keep me occupied while I was all itchy and spotty. I nearly wore out Disney’s animated Robin Hood.

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Meet Our Author: E H Timms

Tell Us Something About Yourself

My name is E H Timms and I live in the south west corner of the UK, in a tiny village near Swindon.

Sometimes I like to curl up in a nest of blankets with a plate of finger food and reread a familiar book even though I have a stack of new books staring resentfully at me.

I’ve never really connected with traditional superheroes. The closest I come is Discworld’s Sam Vimes. I think because he’s been down there in the worst of it, and still has the ability to stare the impossible task in the eye and step up to kick it somewhere really painful.

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