Blurring the lines: creating a welcoming space

Today I am happy, and proud, to announce our exciting new imprint, Queer Pack.

Queer Pack is a place in which every member of the queer community can feel welcome. We want it to be a spot within the publishing world where readers can easily find high-quality queer fiction and non-fiction, written by queer people. And by that we mean stories with characters who are trans, non-binary, genderfluid, asexual, pansexual, bisexual, intersex — the list goes on!

Our Queer Pack team members identify themselves in many different ways: lesbian, dyke, bisexual, butch, non-binary, genderqueer, demisexual, feminists, and transman. While together they’re a welcoming, well-traveled, and wonderful cross-section of the queer community, we are aware that they don’t currently represent all sections within the community, be it regarding ethnicity/race, class and/or (dis)ability. This is something we are striving to rectify in the future, yet are still hoping to provide a space for all queer people, from all walks of life.

qp-book_liam_klenkThis is one of the many reasons we’re so happy that the first book Queer Pack will publish is Liam Klenk’s powerful and important autobiography “Paralian – Not just Transgender”. It tells Liam’s tumultuous journey to find his authentic self, and his happiness, against a lifetime’s worth of adversities.

I invite you to look around our page and let us know what you think. Also, please spread the word!

And yes, we’re open for submissions from authors! In fact, have you written a story about a trans superhero who finds herself battling the hidden forces of the underworld, the only one standing between Earth and total destruction, while trying desperately not to be distracted by that non-binary cutie who lives across the hall? Queer Pack is your space to send that story to.

Or have you written a cute story about a genderfluid artist who has a spark filled snark-off with a renowned art critic and queer activist that explodes into a hate-to-love romance? We want your story.

Perhaps you’d love to write a tale about an asexual trans guy who just wants to hang with his friends and chill, but accidentally finds himself the key witness to one of the biggest crimes of the century, and ends up on the run and involved in a mystery too big to wrap your head around? Send it over.

After all, the aim of Queer Pack is that everyone in our community is welcome and has a story they can see themselves in.

Astrid Ohletz, CEO

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