Discover Reintegration, a queer dystopian science fiction novel about a cyborg on the run with technology in her head the creators want back. // Coming 2017!
About the Book

Streetwise cyborg Lexi Vale brokers deals for gang lords in the anarchic city of Foundation. Her mind-reading implant gives her a crucial edge—but now its creators want their tech back. To survive, Lexi seeks refuge with an eclectic group of rebels and outsiders. When she discovers an emotional connection amidst the chaos, she finds herself fleeing not only her hunters, but her oldest secrets.

Genre: Science-Fiction
Tags: English, Science-Fiction
Publisher: Queer Pack
Publication Year: Coming 2017
About the Author
Eden S. French

Eden S. French is an award-winning novelist, graduate researcher, and sultry genderqueer rascal. Fueled on a diet of chocolate and dark matter, she writes novels starring diverse characters in sprawling speculative worlds. The only thing she enjoys more than writing about queer cyborgs is the certain fact that, someday, she will become one.

Her 2015 fantasy debut, The Diplomat, has won both a Goldie Award and an Alice B. Lavender Certificate. It tastes like peppermint. Her second lesbian fantasy romance, Fruit of the Golden Vine, was released in early 2016. Her current focus is on writing science-fiction, especially cyberpunk-tinged dystopia, with an emphasis on queer and trans themes.

She and her girlfriend live in Hobart, Tasmania, where they are enslaved by a capricious kitten. Please send help.

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